Viking Rental Fleet

Rental Forms

Reference Forms

 ➤  Driving and Motor Vehicle Guidelines (CSU Human Resources Driver Policies)

 ➤  Viking Rental Procedures (Van Rental Policies)

Authorized Drivers

 ➤  PTS MVR Form / Motor Vehicle Release Web Form

 ➤  Van Safety Guidelines

 ➤  Vector Online Van Training (may need to sign in to Vector prior to clicking this link)

Van Request and Rental Forms

 ➤  Rental Vehicle Request (Webform submission option)

 ➤  Rental Vehicle Request Form (for one trip)

 ➤  Rental Vehicle Request Spreadsheet (for multiple trips) 

 ➤  Keysystems Guide

 ➤  Pre Rental Vehicle Inspection Form / Pre Rental Online Form

 ➤  Post Rental Vehicle Inspection Form / Post Rental Online Form