Course Enrollment

The information below is designed to provide you with general information about the Project 60 program as well as the course enrollment process for the upcoming semester. As a Project 60 student you will schedule your courses online through CampusNet starting the Thursday prior to the first day of the semester. Students taking graduate, law, studio art, or Modern Language classes must contact the department for special permission (please see the Special Permission section below for more information). Students may only enroll for classes that have open seats on the designated enrollment day. In-person assistance to register for courses will be available at the Project 60 In-Person Help Day. Please see the information below regarding the date, time and location.

Project 60 students are required to pay any associated fees  with enrolling for courses (i.e. lab fees, late fees). If you decide to drop a course which has fees attached, you must contact the Project 60 staff immediately. To receive a refund of fees after the semester has started, written proof from the faculty member stating that you did not attend the class and did not use any materials or resources will be required. Such proof may be in the form of an email to: The removal of fees is considered on a case by case basis.

Tax Implications

Project 60 students may receive a 1098-T form for the tax year in which they registered for courses. Please refer to the Bursar Office's 1098-T website for complete details on how this may affect you.

Fall Semester 2024 Course Enrollment

Online course registration will open on Thursday, August 22, 2024. Students can schedule courses through CampusNet starting on this date. Students may register through the last day to add, see academic calendar for specific dates.  Please refer to the "Registering for Courses" guide below for problems with registration (i.e., permission errors). Note: Students wishing to take graduate courses should complete the Graduate Course Enrollment Form below.

The first day of Fall 2024 semester is Friday, August 23, 2024.  Please see the Academic Calendar for add, drop, and withdrawal dates plus University holidays.

Special Permission

Project 60 students are permitted to enroll in many Cleveland State courses. However, some departments require students to obtain permission before enrolling. Project 60 students may be denied registration for a class, for instance if the instructor has not given permission or if the student does not meet class pre- or co-requisites. Students are encouraged to obtain permission at least one week prior to registration.

  • Dance: DeAndra Stone, Theatre and Dance, (216) 687-4883,
  • Film & Media Arts: Venita Lowe, Film & Media Arts, (216) 687-5080,
  • Art & Design: Catherine Busch, Department of Art & Design, at (216) 687-2040,
  • Law: Layla Davis, Law School, (216) 687-2396,
  • World Languages, Literature, and Cultures (Modern Languages): contact individual instructor listed in CampusNet or call the department: (216) 687-4646 (all classes require special permission)
  • History: Carolyn Kinkoph, (216) 687-3920, (300 & 400 level classes only)
  • Music: To obtain permission to enroll in MUS courses that require departmental consent, please contact Kate Bill at or 216-687-2033. Note: Project 60 students are not permitted to enroll in MUA courses (1-1 lessons on an instrument or voice). :

MUS 111 The Enjoyment of Music

MUS 151 Jazz Survey

MUS 161 Roots of Rock and Soul

MUS 262 Non-Western Popular Music

MUS 263 Black Music of Two Worlds

MUS 361 Voice Class

MUS 413 European Cinema

MUS 429 Song Writing and Production

Physical Education Courses: Project 60 students are not permitted to register for Swimming classes.

Project 60 Students are not permitted to enroll in the following courses:

  • NUR- all Nursing Courses
  • OTD & DPT- all Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy courses
  • HON- all Honors courses

College of Business (Requisite Errors): Project60 students trying to register for courses within the College of Business and receive a requisite error -- may complete the following online form with the College of Business to obtain permission:

Graduate courses: Complete the Graduate Course Enrollment Form and return it by email to The document can also be mailed to All-in-1 Enrollment Services, 2121 East 21st ST, BH 116, Cleveland, Ohio 44115. Students are responsible for obtaining written permission from the instructor or department. For combined graduate/undergraduate courses, permission is required regardless of the section in which you plan to enroll. 

Project 60 students may not join course waitlists.


Project 60 In-Person Help Day

On Friday, August 23, 2024 from 9:00am to 10:00am Cleveland State University will offer an in-person Help Day on the 1st floor of the library at the Library Computer Learning Commons (LCLC).

If you cannot attend, and need assistance with registering for courses, please download the course enrollment form and physically sign it with your signature, and then email it to  An Allin1 specialist will process your enrollment. If you have questions, please contact us at 216.687.5411.

Registering for Classes and Using CampusNet

Please refer to these guides to assist you with registering for your classes through CampusNet.