Associated Fees

Tuition for Project 60 students is free at 100%. Students' accounts will be credited the cost of the tuition for the courses in which they enroll.

Associated fees are not covered by the Project 60 program, and students who choose to enroll in courses that have associated fees are responsible for these costs.  Associated fees will not be waived.

If a Project 60 student wishes not to pay anything for the courses in which they enroll, they should choose courses that have no designated fees on their student account after they enroll.  Project 60 students should check their student account in CampusNet after they enroll to ensure they are not responsible for any associated fees.  As long as the Project 60 student drops the course within the 100% refund policy schedule of the University-- all associated fees of the course will also be credited at 100%. 

Associated fees can and may include:

  • Course material fees
  • E-Learning fees for web/online and blended designated courses in the class schedule
  • Techonology fees
  • Laboratory fees
  • Inclusive access textbook fees*
  • Art material fees
  • Business & Engineering technology fees (for Business & Engineering courses)

* Project 60 students may opt-out of the inclusive access textbook fees via the Follett Access Portal.  

On the Follett Access Portal, you will login or create an account using your Viking email address. For those Project 60 students that opt-out, you will have to work with your instructors directly on how to access the courseware and textbooks outside of the Inclusive Access program.  Questions or issues with the Opt-Out portal, you may contact the bookstore (216.687.2128) or via email each semester by the designated semester refund deadline.