Office of Instructional Excellence

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Core Curriculum

The current General Education requirements were established in 2008/2009, which overhauled a previous general education curriculum establish in 1998. We now have nearly 15 years of experience with the current program.  With drastic shifts in demographics, technology, and society at large during this period, it is time to update this curriculum. 

Office of Student Learning Assessment

The mission of this office is to continually encourage the pursuit of excellence in student learning outcomes of academic and other programs offered at Cleveland State University. The office attempts to raise each program to its next level of excellence and to engage the campus community in the systematic collection of information regarding student learning outcomes that, in turn, facilitate reflection and program improvement based on assessment findings.

Academic Program Review

All CSU academic programs are required to undergo program review on a 5 - 7 year review cycle. The campus conducts these required reviews with an eye towards accountability and a need for creating conditions that stimulate introspection, program planning, and a climate for reaching progressively higher standards of excellence in each department and curricular area.

Curriculum Approval and Processes