McNair Scholars

McNair Scholars

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TRIO McNair Scholars Program at Cleveland State University for CSU undergrads in Ph.D. Career Paths

The Cleveland State University TRIO McNair Scholars Program's goal is to increase diversity in academia by preparing talented and eligible undergraduates for applying to Ph.D. programs. We understand that some degrees may still require going through a master's degree first; therefore, we support those students too.

The students selected to be McNair Scholars will participate in programming designed to build their resume (curriculum vitae, CV) and improve the chances of being accepted by graduate schools. This program is not intended for students who want to pursue other MD, JD, and other professional (non-Ph.D.) degrees.


Besides being academically successful, McNair scholars are either:

  1. First-generation college students from low-income backgrounds, or
  2. One of the following underrepresented minority groups: African American, Latinx, Native American, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander.

Program Overview

Core Experience and Activities

  1. Monthly meetings with:
    1. Program Director
    2. Faculty mentor in your discipline
    3. Faculty mentor (non-discipline mentor)
  2. Monthly workshops and seminars on such topics as personal finances, preparation of various graduate school application components, and how best to thrive within the academic landscape
  3. Selection of graduate schools of interest; identification of critical deadlines and requirements
  4. Free GRE preparation course and training materials, discounts for the exam, and reimbursement of the rest.
  5. Research Internship during the summer. It includes a $2,800 stipend, $125 of funding for supplies, a $95/week grocery allowance, housing, and 4 paid credit hours.
  6. Travel (when allowed) to local, regional, and national conferences (expenses paid)
  7. At least one cultural event per semester (plays and musicals, concerts, art exhibits, special interest classes, etc.).

Additional experiences and benefits

  1. Up to $400 of funding for textbooks per semester
  2. Travel to a graduate school of interest (when permitted)
  3. Ability to borrow laptops and tablets
  4. Unique opportunities for graduate fellowships
  5. Graduate School application fee waivers from participating institutions
  6. Professional portfolio development and counseling
  7. Rooms at the McNair Scholars Suite to study, use computers, print, or rest in-between classes
  8. Community of like-minded scholars that support each other