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Non-Confrentational Strategies in the Classroom

(email communication sent 8/19/2020)

Dear Colleagues 

I am writing to inform you about a tool we developed to communicate with students who may not be wearing a mask or maintaining 6 ft of distance in the classroom. This system involves yellow and red cards (like soccer for those who follow the sport).  This email provides an overview of the process. 

If a student is not wearing a mask in your class, you can give them a yellow card. The yellow card is the first warning and is provided to urge students to put on their masks. It also instructs them on where to obtain a mask on campus if they do not have a mask.

If the student does not comply with the first request, you can give them a red card. The red card will require a student to with the Dean of Students or designee before returning to class. You will need to email to report giving the student a red card.

We are working hard to have these cards delivered to all faculty before Monday. But just in case we are not able to distribute them all, the cards are attached as a PDF for you to print before your first class. 

Attached are three documents: 

Wishing you all a successful and productive semester.