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Mobile Mammography

Women’s Diagnostic Center

CSU Health and Wellness Services will be hosting the Women’s Diagnostic Center Mobile Mammography unit on Thursday, November 5, 2015 in MC 140. Women 35 and older are invited to take advantage of this life saving opportunity. All of CSU insurance plans except HealthSpan will cover the cost of the Women's Diagnostic Center mammogram if it is within their frequency guidelines.
It is estimated that 1 out of 9 women will develop breast cancer in her lifetime. With early detection, (monthly breast self-exams, yearly clinical exams, & annual mammograms), the survival rate is nearly 97%. For that reason, we hope you will take advantage of this valuable screening opportunity. Please do it for yourself and your family. Don’t Forget! 
WDC Online Scheduling System
Patient Instructions
The Online Scheduling system allows you to make your own appointment for your mammogram. Access to scheduling requires a Login and password. Your User ID is csu and your Password is 110515 You will need to use these to login. If there are any questions about your login, contact CSU Health & Wellness Services at 216‐687‐3649.
Women’s Diagnostic Center
The screen will look like the one on the right.
Enter the User Id and Password show above.
2. You will see a new screen, showing your company name and Logo.
Women’s Diagnostic Center
3. To add an appointment, browse to the schedule on the calendar. Click on the day you’d like to view –Wednesday October 22, 2014
Check the time slots:
Unavailable – indicates that no appointments can be scheduled during that time. It is either before
the first appointment of the day, during lunchtime, or after the last appointment of the day
Booked – indicates that someone has already scheduled for that time
Available ‐ indicates the time is available.
4. Click on the desired “Available” time, Women’s Diagnostic Center
a pop‐up window will appear.
The date and time you selected will display.
Verify that this is the desired time slot before
Enter your information:
  • Name
  • email
  • birthdate
  • last 6 digits of the social security number
5. Click the “Schedule it” button when complete.
a. If you didn’t enter a birthdate or less than 6 digits of your social security number, an error
will be displayed.
b. Correct the entry and click Schedule.
6. The selected slot will now show as “Booked”.
7. Your will receive an email at the address you entered, asking you to confirm your appointment.
a. YOU MUST Click on the link in the email you receive in the future to confirm! (please check your spam folder if you don’t receive it that same day).
b. If you do not wish to confirm that time slot, please notify CSU Health & Wellness Services at 216‐687‐3649 so the slot can be opened for someone else to use.
8. Once confirmed, you will be taken to a web page with Instructions for Your Mammogram Screening. You will also receive these instructions via email.
a. Be sure to read all Instructions
b. Click on the links to the required documents, print them out, and complete all forms and bring them with you to your appointment
9. Write the data and time slot you have selected 
10. If after this point, you need to cancel or change the appointment, you must contact CSU Health & Wellness Services.