CSU Clinic

Domestic Student Residence Hall and Health Care Student Waivers

  • A new waiver application must be submitted each school year. Please pay attention to the waiver deadline date.
  • Waiver instructions:
    • Go to the direct link which is studentcenter.uhcsr.com/csuohio
    • Make sure that you have selected the correct waiver form to submit. DO NOT submit the international waiver form.
    • Print a copy for your records of your waiver submission.
    • A completed waiver is not a guarantee that your health insurance will be waived. Your insurance must meet all the requirements in order to be waived. Your health insurance is succesfully waived when the charge no longer appears on your CampusNet account.
  • If there is a problem with your waiver application several attempts will be made to notify you.
  • The insurance waiver deadline dates are:
    • Spring Waiver: Open 12/12/23 and Close 2/13/24 
    • Summer Waiver: Open 4/4/24 and Close 6/5/24