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Professional Services Agreement Template

This Professional Services Agreement Template may be used to contract for services provided to the University by vendors and consultants.  The Professional Services Agreement Template contains several sections for input of transactional information specific to the services to be provided, including the vendor/consultant name, total not-to-exceed contract amount, duration of the contract, terms of payment, and a scope of work.  A scope of work should be detailed and contain information including: the work/services to be provided/performed by the vendor or consultant; where the work or services will be performed; milestones; reports, deliverables, timelines for the deliverables; end products; etc.  If this Professional Services Agreement Template is used to contract for services, legal review by the Office of General Counsel of the Professional Services Agreement is not required, unless a change is made to the template language.  

*Before negotiating a contract with a vendor or consultant for services, the University's Purchasing Policies require that the vendor/consultant be selected via a competitive selection process; the total cost of the contract determines which competitive selection process must be followed.  See Rule 3344-65-05.

*Upon completing the appropriate competitive selection process, input the transactional specifics into the Professional Services Agreement Template and contact CSU's Insurance/Risk Management for recommendations regarding coverages before sharing the template with the vendor/consultant.  Please contact the Office of General Counsel with any questions or for assistance.

*This Professional Services Agreement Template may not be appropriate for all contracting needs.  Please call the Office of General Counsel with any questions or for assistance.

Performance Agreement Template

CSU departments/offices should use this Performance Agreement Template for performers, speakers, and artists who will come to campus to perform.  Please contact the Department of Conference Services before using this Performance Agreement Template.

Facilities Use Agreement Template

All requests for use of CSU facilities, other than regularly scheduled academic classes, must be submitted to and approved by the Department of Conference Services in advance of the event date and CSU's Facilities Use Agreement Template must be signed.  Please contact the Department of Conference Services before using CSU's Facilities Use Agreement Template.   

CSU's Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

CSU's Purchase Order Terms and Conditions is the contract unless a separate contract is negotiated and signed with the vendor.

If your department/office needs a different or specialized contract template, please contact OGC at: or at: 216.687.3543.