General Education Program


2 courses
Minimum 6 credits 
Must be completed in first year or prior to completion of the first 30 hours of course work. Courses used to fulfill this requirement must be passed with C grades or better. 

Category Subject Course Effective
W/C English ENG 100 Intensive College Writing or
ENG 101 College Writing I
W/C English

ENG 102 College Writing II or one of these alternate courses
(student must earn an "A" in ENG 100 or ENG 101 to use an alternate course)

  • ENG 102H H: College Writing II Honors
  • ESC 102 Technical Writing and Professional Communication
  • UST 102 Professional Writing
(ESC 102)

Previously Approved Writing/Composition

Category Subject Course Effective
W/C English

ENG 102 Equivalents

  • MCE 102 Technical Writing & Professional Communication
  • ENG 240 Introduction to Poetry
  • ENG 241Introduction to Fiction and Drama
  • ENG 242 Introduction to Drama
  • MUS 113 Writing about Music
FA08-SU14 (MCE 102);
FA08-SU15 (ENG 240,
ENG 241);
FA14-SU15 (ENG 242);
Until FA18 (MUS 113)