General Education Program


The capstone experience represents the culmination of a student’s learning in her or his discipline. Students must take a capstone course that is approved for their major; if multiple capstone options are available in a major, students should consult with their advisor about which option is best for them.

Category Subject Course Effective
Capstone Africana Studies AST 402 Capstone  
Capstone Anthropology ANT 495 Senior Seminar in Anthropology  
Capstone Arabic ARB 404 Capstone Project  
Capstone Art and Design ART 450 Design Capstone  
Capstone Art and Design ART 451 Art Studio Capstone  
Capstone Art and Design ART 452 Art History Capstone  
Capstone Art and Design ART 495 Art Seminar  
Capstone Biology BIO 495 Seminar  
Capstone Biomedical Engineering BME 441 BME Senior Design II FA24
Capstone Business BSM 400 Business Decision Making FA23
Capstone Chemical Engineering CHE 440 Process Design I  
Capstone Chemical Engineering CHE 441 Process Design II  
Capstone Chemistry CHM 457 Pharmaceutical Analysis Lab  
Capstone Chemistry CHM 472 Student Colloquium  
Capstone Chemistry CHM 489 Senior Research  
Capstone Chemistry CHM 489H Honors Senior Research  
Capstone Civil Engineering CVE 427 Capstone Design  
Capstone Communication COM 401 Advanced Video/Audio Production  
Capstone Communication COM 427 News Media Laboratory  
Capstone Communication COM 430 Digital Content Production SP20
Capstone Communication COM 444 Mediation & Collaborative Problem Solving  
Capstone Communication COM 446 Media Studies Project FA19
Capstone Communication COM 447 Promotional Production  
Capstone Communication COM 448 Managing Organizational Teams  
Capstone Communication COM 449 Advanced Issues in Health Communication  
Capstone Communication COM 455 Communication Campaigns  
Capstone Communication COM 475 Communication and Training in Organizations  
Capstone Communication Sciences & Disorders CSD 497 Senior Capstone Portfolio  
Capstone Comparative Religion REL 490 Senior Thesis Proposal  
Capstone Comparative Religion REL 491 Senior Thesis Writing  
Capstone Comparative Religion REL 497 Capstone in Religious Studies  
Capstone Computer Science CIS 494 Senior Design II FA24
Capstone Criminology CRM 401 Capstone Course in Criminology  
Capstone Dance DAN 493 Senior Project  
Capstone Data Science DSA 494 Senior Design II FA22
Capstone Early Childhood Education ECE 451 Early Childhood Internship 2: Teachers as Leaders  
Capstone Economics ECN 428 Applied Economic Analysis  
Capstone Education Curriculum & Instruction EDB 495 Seminar in Educational Inquiry  
Capstone Electrical and Computer Engineering EEC 494 Senior Design II  
Capstone Electronic Engineering Technology EET 480 Senior Design B  
Capstone English ENG 495 Senior Seminar  
Capstone English ENG 498 Creative Writing Senior Capstone FA19
Capstone Environmental Science EVS 490 Internship in Environmental Science  
Capstone Environmental Science EVS 491 Honors Research  
Capstone Environmental Science EVS 497 Research in Environmental Science  
Capstone Film & Media Arts FMA 401 Documentary Production FA19
Capstone Film & Media Arts FMA 456 Film & Media Arts Thesis II  
Capstone French FRN 441 French Capstone Field Study Project  
Capstone French FRN 494 French Capstone  
Capstone Health Care Administration HCA 460 Healthcare Management Strategy FA23
Capstone Health Sciences HSC 410 Evidence Based Practice  
Capstone Health Sciences HSC 440H Honors Cooperative Education Career Experience  
Capstone Health Sciences HSC 465 Urban Health IV FA22
Capstone Health Sciences HSC 484 Advanced Research and Writing in Health Sciences  
Capstone Health Sciences HSC 486 Cooperative Education Career Experience  
Capstone Health Sciences HSC 487 Community-Based Participatory Research and Health  
Capstone History HIS 401 History Seminar  
Capstone Linguistics LIN 494 Linguistics Capstone  
Capstone Management MGT 465 Management Strategy & Policy  
Capstone Mathematics MTH 496 Senior Project  
Capstone Mathematics MTH 496H Honors Project  
Capstone Mechanical Engineering MCE 450 Design Project I  
Capstone Mechanical Engineering MCE 451 Design Project II  
Capstone Mechanical Engineering Technology MET 480 Senior Design B  
Capstone Middle Childhood Education EDM 451 Middle Childhood Internship 2: Teachers as Leaders  
Capstone Music MUS 425 Internship in Music Therapy FA19
Capstone Music MUS 447 Curriculum and Assessment in Music FA19
Capstone Music MUS 481 Senior Recital  
Capstone Music MUS 482 Full Recital  
Capstone Music MUS 485 Composition Recital  
Capstone Music MUS 498 Senior Project  
Capstone Nursing NUR 420 Professional Role Practicum - Capstone  
Capstone Nursing NUR 420H Prof Role Practicum Capstone - Honors  
Capstone Nursing NUR 460 Role Practicum  
Capstone Nursing NUR 470 Nursing Capstone (BSN) FA20
Capstone Philosophy PHL 491 Senior Seminar in Philosophy  
Capstone Philosophy PHL 495 Philosophy Capstone FA20
Capstone Physical Education - Professional PED 480 Internship and Senior Seminar  
Capstone Physical Education - Professional PED 483 Student Teaching Multiage Physical Education  
Capstone Physics PHY 498 Capstone Senior Project FA22
Capstone Political Science PSC 420 Seminar in American Politics  
Capstone Political Science PSC 421 Seminar in Comparative Politics  
Capstone Political Science PSC 422 Seminar in International Relations  
Capstone Political Science PSC 423 Seminar in Law and Political Theory  
Capstone Psychology PSY 412 Psychology Laboratory  
Capstone Psychology PSY 415 Evaluating Psychological Research  
Capstone Psychology PSY 498H Honors Project and Defense FA22
Capstone Social Work SWK 486 Integrative Seminar II  
Capstone Social Work SWK 495 Social Work Licensure Exam: Strategies and Stress Reduction Techniques FA24
Capstone Sociology SOC 401 Capstone Course in Sociology FA19
Capstone Spanish SPN 494 Spanish Capstone  
Capstone Spanish SPN 495 Spanish Field Study Capstone  
Capstone Special Education ESE 451 Mild/Moderate Internship 2: Teachers as Leaders  
Capstone Special Education ESE 471 Moderate/Intensive Internship 2: Teachers as Leaders  
Capstone Sport Management SPM 465 Sport and Entertainment Management Strategy FA23
Capstone Theatre THE 491 Senior Project  
Capstone Urban Studies UST 452 Management of Urban and Nonprofit Organizations  
Capstone Urban Studies UST 489 Advanced Senior Seminar  
Capstone Women and Gender Studies WGS 495 Advanced Seminar  

Previously Approved Capstone

Category Subject Course Effective
Capstone Chemistry CHM 449 Pharmaceutical Science Practicum Until SU19
Capstone Civil Engineering CVE 426 Preliminary Design Until FA22
Capstone Classical and Medieval Studies CLM 498 Senior Thesis Proposal Until FA24
Capstone Classical and Medieval Studies CLM 499 Senior Thesis Writing Until FA24
Capstone Communication COM 405 Multi-Media Journalism Until SP20
Capstone Computer and Information Science CIS 485 Senior Project Until FA20
Capstone Communication HIS 400 Local History Seminar Until SP20
Capstone Economics ECN 441 Business Fluctuations & Forecasting Until FA23
Capstone Economics ECN 450 Economics of Law Until FA21
Capstone Economics ECN 482 International Trade Until FA23
Capstone Economics ECN 485 Economics of Development and Growth Until FA23
Capstone Environmental Science EVS 496 Independent Study in Environmental Science Until FA22
Capstone Philosophy PHL 305 Philosophy Seminar Until FA22
Capstone Physics PHY 474 Thermal Physics Until FA22
Capstone Social Work SWK 386 Integrative Seminar I (Capstone I) Until FA24
Capstone Sociology SOC 400 Capstone Course in Sociology and Criminology Until FA22