Free Speech at Cleveland State University

Faculty/Staff Political Activity FAQs

Student Center meeting

CSU encourages all faculty and staff to fully and freely exercise their constitutional right to vote, as well as to express their personal opinions regarding candidates and issues.

However, these rights must be exercised in a way that does not suggest that CSU is endorsing a candidate or cause. The guidance below answers some basic questions about permissible political and campaign activity. For more information, contact the Office of General Counsel.

Important note for classified employees: Employees in classified service of the State of Ohio are subject to additional restrictions on political activities under Ohio law. “Classified service” for the purpose of political activity includes “all persons in active pay status serving in the competitive classified civil service of the State,” and “Political activity” is defined as “partisan activities, campaigns and elections involving primaries, partisan ballots or partisan candidates” per Ohio Admin. Code § 123:1-46-02.

The following FAQs apply to classified employees only to the extent that the activity described is permitted by law (see above and Ohio Admin. Code § 123:1-46-02).

Note that these FAQs are not exhaustive; considerable judgment in the application of certain principles discussed below is likely to be required. Please consult the Office of General Counsel if you have questions or need additional guidance.