Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate

The Faculty Senate shall have the duties and responsibilities to:

  1. Initiate educational and academic policies of the University.
  2. Adopt rules to effectuate the educational and academic policies of the University.
  3. Bring up for consideration proposals on matters pertaining to the general welfare of the University.
  4. Make recommendations to the Administration relative to buildings, budget priorities, and new proposals and developments.
  5. Act upon all matters of routine faculty business in pursuance of already established University policies.
  6. Elect members to the Equal Opportunity Hearing Panel.

Faculty Senate Officers 2019-20


William M. Bowen
Urban Studies

Maxine Goodmin Levin College of Urban Affairs
Email:  w.bowen@csuohio.edu

Vice President: TBD  

Vickie Coleman Gallagher
Monte Ahuja College of Business
Email: v.c.gallagher@csuohio.edu


Faculty Senate Office
Ms. Violet Lunder, Administrative Coordinator 
MC 320 
email: v.lunder@csuohio.edu