Senior Design

Senior Design

  • 2018 1st Place Winning Team, Toy Switch Controller
  • 2018 2nd Place Winning Team, Autonomous Lawn Mower
  • 2018 3rd Place Winning Team, BAJA SAE
  • 2018 Honorable Mention, Fluid Power Vehicle Competition
  • Pete Buca, Vice President of Sustainability & Innovation, Parker Hannifin Corporation, keynote speaker
  • Pete Buca, Vice President of Sustainability & Innovation, Parker Hannifin Corporation, keynote speaker, receiving award
  • 2018 Senior Design Symposium and Awards Dinner

2018 Senior Design Symposium

The 2018 Senior Design Symposium and Awards Dinner of the Washkewicz College of Engineering took place on Friday, April 27, 2018 in the Student Center. Senior students had the chance to display their projects in a poster session, which was followed by the awards dinner with a keynote speech by Pete Buca, Vice President of Sustainability & Innovation, Parker Hannifin Corporation.

The awards ceremony included the recognition of this year’s University Valedictorian, Matthew Martis, from the Department of Electrical and Computer Science, and the Salutatorian, Kyra Rudy, from the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

Following are the winners of the poster competition:

2018 Senior Design First Team Poster1st Place: Toy Switch Controller
Team: Biar Akar, Andres Gutierrez, Amber Johnson, Taylor Scardelletti
Faculty Advisor: Zhiqiang Gao
Department: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
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2018 Senior Design Second Place Team2nd Place: Autonomous Lawn Mower
Team: Ethen Barber, Preston Cunningham, John Maxwell, Steve Wyatt
Faculty Advisor: William Atherton
Department: Engineering Technology

2018 Senior Design Third Place Team3rd Place: BAJA SAE
Team: Brandon Baker, Nick Boyeas, Matthew Hooper, Donald Jackson, Simran Singh, Mike Willi
Faculty Advisor: Joseph Kovach
Department: Mechanical Engineering
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The Senior Design Capstone Course (Senior Design) is the culmination of students’ engineering education at Cleveland State University’s Washkewicz College of Engineering. The two-semester (Fall, Spring) long course gives students’ the opportunity to incorporate engineering principles learned throughout their academic careers into one final project.

Photo of senior design student groupStudents, with the guidance of a faculty advisor and company liaison, work in teams of 3-4 to develop solutions to a wide variety of engineering problems. The majority of the projects are real-world problems provided by corporate sponsors. Student teams are required to develop a comprehensive project plan with a problem description, design alternatives, budget, equipment requirements, time schedule, final design, and in most cases, a prototype. Each student is expected to spend up to 200 hours working on the project (up to 1,000 person-hours per team), corresponding to a five credit hour course.

The course concludes with each team making a final presentation to a panel of faculty and industry representatives, and the top three Senior Design teams are awarded cash prizes at our Senior Design Symposium and Awards Dinner.