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Leadership Studies

Leadership Studies​​​​​​​The Importance of Leadership Study

Leadership is a complex social process rooted in the values, skills, knowledge and ways of thinking of both leaders and followers. The study of leadership represents important points in both theoretical and practical levels. Leadership theories are schools of thought that explain how and why certain individuals become leaders and emphasize leadership qualities and traits. Leadership refers to the ability of a person to guide individuals, teams or organizations, toward the fulfillment of goals and objectives. 

We may not all have been born leaders, but we all have the potential to be leaders. At Cleveland State University, helping new leaders develop their leadership muscle, and helping current leaders evaluate and improve their leadership style, is an integral part of lifelong learning across the university. Whatever your leadership level, professional concentration, or future goals, we have a leadership program that's right for you.

Which leadership program is right for you?

CollegeLeadership Program
Cleveland Marshall College of LawP. Kelly Tompkins Leadership & Law
College of EducationCenter for Educational Leadership
Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban AffairsLeadership Academy
Public Management Academy
Monte Ahuja College of BusinessLeadership Excellence Certificate
Organizational Development
Other opportunities: Distance LearningCertificate in Leadership Development
Upcoming Leadership Programs 2021-2022Leadership for the Administrative Professional

"You are not here merely to make a living. You are here in order to enable the world to live more amply, with greater vision, with a finer spirit of hope and achievement. You are here to enrich the world, and you impoverish yourself if you forget the errand".
​​​​​​​      --Woodrow Wilson