Global Business Center

GlobalTarget Program Benefits & Features

If your company has global aspirations but needs additional guidance, GlobalTarget will provide you with the skills and tools you need to enter global markets quickly and with greater knowledge.

GlobalTarget BuildingsProgram Benefits include:
  • Networking with key international trade service providers and experts
  • Access to complimentary market selection study, conducted by the Global Business Center
  • Gold Key or International Partner Search services from U.S. Commerce Service (USEAC) facilitated by the Global Business Center, these services pre-screen business contacts and make travel to foreign countries easier
  • Discounted admission to other USEAC and Global Business Center events, seminars and programs
GlobalTarget GearsProgram Features include:
  • Monthly meetings featuring distinguished experts that address various aspects on international business
  • Site visits to local companies who have achieved a sustained competitive advantage through global innovation and entrepreneurship and exporting
  • Faculty-led student teams that provide market research assistance to address challenges or company specific issues

For more information, contact the Global Business Center:

PHONE: 216-687-4750 
COORDINATOR: Meghan Salkin at