Marketing Minor

The Marketing minor is recommended for business and non-business students who want to consider sales and marketing careers, or want to complement their major area of study. A total of 19 credit hours are necessary to fulfill the minor requirements. Business students will need only 16 credit hours beyond the BBA core. For more information, contact the department offices at (216) 687-4771.

Marketing Minor Requirements

Core Courses (3 Credit Hours)

  • MKT 301 Introduction to Marketing** (3)

Note: If you have taken MKT 305 or MKT 464, they count as an elective.

Elective Courses (15 Credit Hours)

After successfully completing MKT 301, you may select any four elective courses from the list below:

Courses Credits
MKT 321 International Business 3
MKT 411 Retail Management 3
MKT 420 Buyer Behavior 3
MKT 431 Marketing Research 3
MKT 440 Field Experience Abroad 3
MKT 441 Advertising and Promotion Management 3
MKT 450 Professional Selling and Sales Management 3
MKT 452 Business-to-Business Marketing 3
MKT 454 Internet Marketing 3
MKT 456 Customer Relationship Management 3
MKT 461 Global Marketing 3

Note: MKT 351 will NOT count as an elective course in the Marketing minor.

* Business students will need only 15 credit hours beyond the core courses.

** Junior standing is required for enrollment in MKT 301.

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