Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Prof. Zhu US NSF Grant

Prof. Zhu (PI)
EAGER: The Game Changer: A New Model for Password Security, NSF, $200K
co-PIs: Philip Manning, Conor McLennan

Abstract - The increasing popularity of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets has brought a lot of attention and concern on the security and privacy of the devices. The mobile devices are exposed to the same attacks and threats that PCs and servers are currently facing. In the meantime, users of these mobile devices are putting more sensitive data and apps such as personal contacts and banking apps onto these devices. These mobile devices are even used in business applications for their convenience and the constant network access through 3G/4G networks. So protecting security and privacy of the devices is of great importance. In this project, we aim to find approaches to protect security and privacy of the mobile devices.
NSF Award Abstract