Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

4 to 3 Conversion

4-credit undergraduate classes converted to 3-credits

To comply with University mandated changes, the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science has made significant changes to the undergraduate program. Most four credit hour courses have been changed to three or fewer credit hours. The new curriculum is effective for students entering Cleveland State University in fall 2014 and thereafter. Continuing students are “grandfathered” to the requirements in effect at the time they entered CSU. However, some courses required in the program are being replaced with new courses and the prior versions will no longer be offered. Consequently, current students will use the courses they have already completed plus courses in the new curriculum to satisfy their degree requirements. The following guides highlights these changes and helps you to develop a transition plan.

  • 4 to 3 Conversion Guide - Electrical Engineering (Worksheet - Guide)
  • 4 to 3 Conversion Guide - Computer Engineering (Worksheet - Guide)