MBA HCA Student Spotlight: Leah Golub

Leah Golub
Healthcare Administration MBA (MBA HCA)
Projected Graduation Date:
August 2013
Proudest achievement so far from your time at CSU:
Taking the initial risk of exploring the unfamiliar terrain of healthcare, and then realizing that as the semesters progressed, I felt more and more certain that pursuing this path was the correct action.
Future plans/goals:
I plan to begin an internship at The Cleveland Clinic this upcoming May, specifically within its Quality and Patient Safety Institute. While there, I hope to gain real, practical experience working on various process improvement projects that will enhance the quality of healthcare for patients, as well as increase efficiency on an organizational level.  As there will remain a tremendous need for continual quality and process improvement within our healthcare system, I believe that there will be much for me to contribute in this field in the years to come.
How has the MBA HCA program helped you towards achieving your future goals?:
As an electrical engineer, my previous schooling was pretty limited to the very narrow, technical characteristics of our world: mathematics and science.  I had virtually no knowledge of the healthcare field prior to beginning the program, besides the limited knowledge I was exposed to from my husband, a physician.  The HCA curriculum has provided me with a very well-rounded view of our country's complex healthcare system, including its many legal, economic, financial, quality, and information technology aspects.  I've had the opportunity to shadow four administrative executives at three different hospitals in recent months, and the sense of familiarity I felt during each experience proved how effective the MBA HCA program was in conveying these important aspects to me.

Additionally, I had little appreciation for the field of business prior to enrolling in the HCA MBA program.  As an engineer, I focused solely on designing a product for my corporation, and cared little about what allowed my corporation to remain viable financially and thrive in the market.  The business knowledge I have gained at Cleveland State thus far has been tremendous.  I now appreciate the importance and complexity of the strategic process, the many financial implications corporations face, and the marketing challenges they continually contend with to keep ahead.  I truly do not see the world the same way.  I believe that as a future healthcare administrator, the combined HCA MBA curriculum provided me with a wealth of knowledge in the two essential areas, healthcare and business, that will serve me well.
What would you tell a prospective student about why he/she should come to the Monte Ahuja College of Business and enroll in the MBA HCA program?:
Cleveland State's MBA HCA program provides students with the opportunity to learn from a variety of highly skilled professors with significant "real world" experience.  My professors don't only present relevant material from the text book, they frequently provide true examples from their previous work experiences, making the material relatable and interesting.  I've enjoyed this style of teaching and believe it's enhanced my learning experience greatly.  Also, I've met so many interesting fellow students from all different backgrounds and professions.  All in all, the HCA MBA program at Cleveland State has provided me with an exceptional value for the cost of my education, and I would highly recommend it to anyone.
What do you like to do when not at school?:
I took ten years of piano lessons when I was younger, so I love to play piano when I have free time.  I also love traveling, taking long walks, and reading.
Interesting fact about you:
I am a mom to an eight year old son and six year old daughter.  They, and my husband, have been real troopers throughout this whole process!

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