Viking Creed


The Viking Creed has been implemented into the Cleveland State campus culture in the following ways:

  • The Viking Creed is recited aloud by 1700 first-year students at Magnus Fest every August.
  • During new student orientation the Viking Creed is discussed in the “Life Outside the Classroom” presentation.
  • As part of student organization officer training our student leaders must agree to uphold the creed as part of their training process.  
  • Posters are hung around campus for individuals to pass as they travel the innerlink.
  • The Viking Creed is shown on the digital TV screens in both the Main Classroom and Student Center buildings.
  • Faculty and Staff members are asked to display posters of the Viking Creed in their offices.
  • The Viking Creed Champion Award is given away annually at our Awards and Recognition Ceremony in April.
  • Each spring the Viking Creed is celebrated at our annual creed day event held in January as part of Chillfest.