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Mediation Sessions & Training

Mediation is an opportunity for individuals to engage in structured dialogue around conflict, with the assistance of an impartial third party. Mediation is engaged in voluntarily, with the goal of discussing compromise which may result in a resolution of the conflict or open additional opportunities for future dialogue. Mediation services are optional but offer a foundation for promoting community and valuing relationships. Mediation is not about who is right or wrong; it is about coming to a mutually agreed upon decision and pathway forward. If you are interested in a mediation for you or your organization or if you’re interested in learning basic mediation skills, please complete the form below.

All requests for mediation or training must be completed at least 3 weeks prior to the desired date of the training to accommodate facilitator schedules. 

For Student Organizations
If you are a student organization seeking mediation or training, please complete the following information.
Preferred Dates & Times
Training facilitators reserve the right to cancel and reschedule the training if less than 50% of participants show up to attend the training. Facilitators will not provide trainings to groups smaller than 5. If your organization is smaller than 5 people, consider joining with another organization. Mediations between two people typically take 1-2 hours. Group mediations can be 2-4 hours and may need more than one day to complete. Submit three dates & times you are available for the session.