Police Department

Crime Prevention Tips

Preventing Vehicle Break Ins

Lock your doors and close all windows

  • Criminals look for OPPORTUNITY.  Unlocked doors and open windows are easy OPPORTUNITIES. Lock all you doors and roll up all your windows.

Remove all valuables from plain view  ( PUT YOUR JUNK IN THE TRUNK) VehicleBreakIn

  • Leaving an expensive GPS unit in the window or laptop on the front seat creates OPPORTUNITY.  Remove the GPS and holder from the window. Take the extra 20 seconds to wipe away the smear mark the GPS holder leaves behind. Remove all electronic devices and chords. Loose change is inviting. Remove all loose change. Secure all your valuables in your trunk area or cover them up, out of plain view.  Try doing this before you reach your next destination, in the event the criminal is watching the parking lot.

Park in a well lit areasParkingLot

  • Park in a well lit area where your vehicle is highly visible.  Parking in a dim lit area makes your vehicle an easy target.


Safety Tips for the CSU Community

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