Police Department

Community Oriented Policing

Cleveland State University Police Department is happy to announce our Community Oriented Policing Sector (C.O.P.S.) program. The C.O.P.S. program is specifically designed to create community outreach programming (special events, training, safety presentations) and provide opportunities for our police officers to build positive relationships within the campus community they serve.  To make these connections, CSU police officers will be assigned to campus buildings (sectors) and act as the community outreach contact for that specific campus location. In addition, We hope this program allows faculty, staff, and students to get to know our CSU police officers on a more personal level and create a stronger community impact.

Please note: The C.O.P.S. program does not replace how community members should call the police in emergency situations or to report incidents. Community members should call 9-1-1 (ask for CSU police) in an emergency and should call 216-687-2020 for non-emergencies or to request a safety escort. 

Listed below are the officers' names, e-mail addresses (click on the hyperlink), and their assigned location(s).  Community members may also leave a message for these officers by calling the police dispatch center at 216-687-2020 or by e-maling police@csuohio.edu.

Officer Aholt Physical Education, Recreation Center
Officer Allison Wolstein Center, Union Building
Officer Ellis Science Builkding, Science Research Building
Officer Haramia Julka Hall, Mather Mansion
Officer Jones Berkman Hall
Officer Klich Music & Communications Building, Rhodes Tower, Rhodes West
Officer Lear Fenn Tower
Officer Madej Law Building, Law Library
Officer Nolasco Student Center
Officer Ostrander Langston
Officer Rivera CIMP
Officer Stats The Edge
Officer Stoltz / K9 Rex Plant Services, Krenzler Field, Tennis Dome
Security Officer Oates Fenn Hall
Security Officer Harris Administration Center, Parker Hanifin
Security Officer Brozak Euclid Commons, Washkewicz Hall
Security Officer Oergel Urban Affairs
Security Officer Miranda Art Gallery, Middough Building, Film School
Security Officer Elfadil Business College

Police Supervisors:

Sgt. Jones 216-687-5496
Sgt. Lewis 216-687-4678
Sgt. Rebenock 216-687-2020
Sgt. Thompson 216-687-2547

In addition to the C.O.P.S. program, the CSU Police Department provides the following safety programs:

R.A.D. Training

Rave Guardian

Please contact Officer Toni Jones at (216) 687-9323 or e-mail her at t.kotkowski@csuohio.edu.