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Campus Watch

Campus Watch is the community-based crime prevention program and organization for the faculty and staff of Cleveland State University. Founded in 1981, Campus Watch is an innovative application of the highly successful block-watch program. It is specifically tailored to meet the needs of this urban university. Members of the campus community actively participate in this program through quarterly meetings, the publication of a newsletter, an emergency phone network, and training sessions. In 1981, Campus Watch started with 13 members. Currently, there are over 130 volunteers in the program.

Campus Watch is organized with the guidance of Cleveland State University Police. It has its own elected executive board that meets monthly. It has its own treasury consisting of employee donations and the proceeds of fund-raising efforts. Campus Watch was awarded a $1,500 grant from the Governor's Office of Criminal Justice Services in 1988 for their "Safe Space" evening crime prevention effort.

Campus Watch is the people of Cleveland State University looking out for each other. This is accomplished in a number of ways.

Each member receives a newsletter which includes a detailed account of criminal activity on campus for the previous month. If a person knows what crimes are being committed, they can take effective precautions to prevent victimization.

Each member is required to attend a one-hour intensive training session on crime prevention theory and practical application. This session is augmented with a training manual that will allow the volunteer to educate him or herself on the topics covered in the session.

Once trained, the volunteer is invited to assist the Crime Prevention Officer in conducting a security survey of their office and classroom areas.

Quarterly meetings are held for the entire membership. Crime prevention information on pertinent topics is presented at each meeting by either a member of the University Police or a guest speaker.

Each Campus Watch member is a link in the Emergency Phone Network. When a violent crime has been committed, the Community Services Unit initiates a call to the Campus Watch president. He or she will notify each member of the elected executive board, who notify their assigned zone captains, who notify the Campus Watchers within their zone. Within about 30 minutes, all available volunteers have the facts of the situation rather than the rumors that inevitably spread when a violent crime occurs.

Campus Watch members authored their own constitution and bylaws and annually elect a president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, and an alternate at large.

Goals of Campus Watch

  • To provide a forum for the exchange and coordination of ideas, concepts, and strategies to prevent or reduce crime.
  • To educate members of the Cleveland State University community in all matters relating to crime prevention.
  • To focus attention on issues relating to crime prevention.
  • To encourage extensive citizen and community involvement in the reduction of crime and criminal opportunity.
  • To share with all segments of the campus community and the Campus Watch organization, matters relating to the continued development of a comprehensive plan for the prevention of crime at CSU.
  • To encourage the education of all members of the Cleveland State University community in matters which will increase personal and community safety.
  • To encourage maximum cooperation and communication between all segments of the Cleveland State University community in addition to improving communications between all community members and University Police toward the goal of crime prevention.

Awards and Recognition

  • The prestigious "Outstanding Program" award from the Ohio Crime Prevention Association for its efforts in 1983.
  • Meritorious service award by the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators.
  • Featured in national and international magazines and journals of crime prevention.
  • Featured as a model program in the National Crime Prevention Council's Campus Action kit distributed to 2,000 universities nationwide.

Join Campus Watch

To learn more about Campus Watch or to become a volunteer, contact the Crime Prevention Officer, Officer Toni Jones, at x9323 or t.kotkowski@csuohio.edu.