Police Department

Access to Closed University Buildings

Entry to a closed University building is only provided for persons authorized through the Automated Access Control System (AACS). The AACS is a computerized database used to track all building access authorization at CSU. A Security Access Control Coordinator (SACC) is designated for each University building. The SACC is responsible for approving all access to a building and controlling the building hours.

Students, staff, or other designees requesting access to a closed building must submit the Building Access Request form to the building Security Access Control Coordinator (SACC).  Access to closed areas will be authorized when this form is signed by the SACC and is on file with the Access Control & Security Systems Department.


Work space emergency lock out procedures

If emergency access is needed by faculty and staff members to their assigned workspaces, the Police Dispatch office should be contacted.  When receiving the initial call, the dispatcher will verify the validity of the access.  If the area in question is a classroom, an officer will open that area without a Lock Out Agreement Form being completed. If access to any other area is requested, the dispatcher will then explain the Lock Out Agreement Form and advise that a Viking Card or drivers license is required.  An officer will be dispatched to provide assistance.