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Viking CHAMPS Summer Program for High School Students

Application Deadline is Sunday, April 14th, 2024  


Program Dates: Monday, June 10, 2024 - Friday, June 28, 2024 , 8:30am-3pm 


The Viking CHAMPS (Careers in Health and Medical Professions) program introduces high school students to a wide variety of high-wage, high-skills careers in health and medicine. It seeks to improve their knowledge and understanding in science and mathematics, enhance the regional health science education pipeline, and transition a greater number of high school students into pre-professional health career programs in college. An important aspect of this program is introducing students to health professions early in their academic career through authentic learning experiences and professionals in the field.

A multidisciplinary curriculum promotes problem solving through hands-on activities and case studies. Students are transformed into medical detectives, as they are challenged to explore health and disease. Students engage in learning opportunities with CSU students and faculty, medical doctors, and other healthcare professionals. Specifically, the program seeks to deliver an academically enriching three-week summer institute anchored in science and mathematics, increase awareness of health careers, enhance test taking skills with particular emphasis on deep learning, and improve 21st century skills.

*Students' who successfully complete the program will receive a $750 stipend!!!!

If you feel like this is the program for you or your student, complete the application using the link below: 

Viking CHAMPS Application Link

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