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WCSB-FM 89.3 Launches Annual Radiothon Donation Drive

WCSB-FM 89.3 Launches Annual “Radiothon” Donation DriveGreater Cleveland and the CSU community is invited to support live, local, not-for-profit, noncommercial alternative radio broadcasting from CSU since 1976—and help raise funds for colon cancer support/awareness in the process!

Cleveland State University’s radio station WCSB 89.3FM has one chance to pay the bills every year through the station’s annual Radiothon donation drive! The 2022 edition of the WCSB Radiothon donation drive runs now through Sunday, November 20 at 2PM.

This pledge drive is the station’s sole provider of funds to cover expenses for broadcast equipment, music purchases, technology upgrades and more. Donations may be mailed to the station (3100 Chester Avenue, 4th Floor, Cleveland Ohio 44115) or made by phone at 216-687-6900. Alternately, listeners can simply text “WCSB” to 216-400-5145 which will take them to the station’s donation page:

A number of specialized premiums are available to donors, varying by level of support, and can be viewed at that donation page.

“The diverse staff at WCSB is made entirely of students, alumni and community volunteers from every demographic and background,” said WCSB general manager Max Hyde-Perry. 

“This translates to some of the most authentic hand-selected music that can be found anywhere. Our listenership has continued to expand all over the world and we hope to continue the tradition of nearly half a century of programming and continue providing the community one of the most eclectic and enriching independently operating radio experiences in Cleveland.

“In a world saturated with podcasts and 10-second novelty videos, we like to think that radio helps to keep the algorithms away, and that means every donation helps the bottom line and adds to our ability to share our curated programming with our incredibly diverse audience,” he said. 

This year’s goal of $70,000 is only a part of how WCSB has changed things up. In addition to the premiums and merchandise offered for varying donation levels, the station is also donating 2% of the total funds raised, up to $2500.00, to the Colorectal Cancer Alliance in Washington D.C. Colorectal Cancer Alliance provides support for patients and families, caregivers, and survivors; to raise awareness of preventive measures; and inspire efforts to fund critical research to help in the fight to end colon cancer.

About WCSB 89.3FM

Since its first broadcast on May 10, 1976, WCSB 89.3FM has been providing live, local, not-for-profit , noncommercial alternative radio programming to the Greater Cleveland community from the CSU campus. To continue its mission of bringing cutting-edge radio for eclectic tastes, the station relies solely on support through an annual fund drive. Last year, the station celebrated its 45th Anniversary

More information can be found at the WCSB Radiothon page (