CSU McNair Scholars

GRE Test Fee Reduction

The GRE Fee Reduction Program for McNair Scholars is funded by Educational Testing Service. A limited number of vouchers are available for McNair scholars who are registering for the GRE Revised General Test and the GRE Subject Test. These vouchers are available at the McNair office. McNair scholars who receive a GRE Fee Reduction Voucher for a Revised General Test and/or a GRE Subject Test can register online at www.ets.org/mygre if they are paying the reduced test fee via credit or debit card. Students will still be required to pay 50% of the GRE Revised General Test fee or 50% of the GRE Subject Test fee at the time they register to test. Any McNair scholar who receives a voucher is expected to take the exam on their planed date and to submit a copy of their GRE test score to the McNair program office within fourteen days of receiving them.

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Registering for a GRE Test Using a Fee Reduction Voucher

  • McNair scholars registering for the GRE Revised General Test or the GRE Subject Test who are paying via credit or debit card can register online at www.ets.org/mygre.
  • McNair scholars registering for the GRE Revised General Test or the GRE Subject Test who are paying via check or money order need to complete the appropriate registration form at www.ets.org/gre/bulletinandforms and follow the instructions on the form for mailing it to ETS. Individuals should allow up to four weeks for processing and mail delivery.

Note: Any CSU undergraduate student who qualifies as a low-income student can get a 50% GRE fee reduction certificate from Campus 411. The 50% GRE fee reduction voucher mentioned above, however, is only for McNair scholars. To obtain a 50% GRE fee reduction certificate from the Campus 411, students need to fill out two separate forms:

1. Authorization Voucher Request Form

2. Fee Reduction Certificate

The second form needs to have the CSU school seal or stamp, which students can get from a Financial Aid Adviser at Campus 411. It should be emphasized that it takes approximately four weeks to obtain the waiver, and students will still need more time to mail the appropriate documents. Both documents will need to be mailed to the address located on the top of the first form, and applicants will still have to pay 50% of the cost. With regards to payment, applicants will have the option to put their credit card information on the first form or attach a check.