University Marketing

Working with University Marketing

What to Expect

Below is a step-by-step overview of what to expect when you initiate a project with University Marketing. Our processes have been established to support efficiency and successful outcomes, however, we recognize that last-minute things do come up and try to be as flexible as possible in those situations.

  1. You submit a project request form. One form can be submitted for projects with multiple components (e.g., poster, table tent and postcard). Project forms with same- or one-day turnaround deadlines are not accepted.
  2. We assign a marketing communications representative (within 3 business days) who will serve as your project manager and dedicated point of contact throughout the life of the project.
  3. Your project manager will contact you to assess the full scope of project and/or provide consultation (within 5 business days).
  4. The project manager opens your job once all required information, including approved final content, is received from you. Unfortunately, we can’t begin working on your project if content is not provided.  
  5. A designer is then assigned (within 1 business day) to the project.
  6. Concepts are delivered to you (between 3 days and 3 weeks depending on project scope) for review.
  7. You’ll approve a concept direction and provide any revisions to the chosen concept to your project manager (turnaround based on type of project and complexity of revisions).
  8. You’ll provide text edits for subsequent proofs to your project manager (turnaround is dependent upon the complexity of the text edits).
  9. Once we receive your final approval the project manager will release the artwork to the printer. A PO/SOF must also be approved in order for artwork to be released.