General Education Program

Criteria Sheets

Criteria Sheet Updates

In Spring 2021, UCC approved an update to the Criteria Sheets used for approving General Education courses.  The Criteria themselves have not changed.  The format of the sheets was revised in order to emphasize the directions for completing them.  Selected questions on the African-American Experience, and US Diversity sheets were revised for clarity.

In Spring 2022, the question related to Criterion 3 on the Capstone Criteria Sheet was revised.  It was divided into 2 questions and more instruction was added regarding how to answer the question about prior General Education courses.

In Fall 2023, the Writing Across the Curriculum criteria sheet was heavily revised in line with the updated WAC policy passed by Faculty Senate in Fall 2022.

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Skill Areas (for courses in Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, African-American Experience, and U.S. Diversity)

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