Fulbright Program

Student Recipients from CSU


Carrion Cristaly Carrion
Majors: Honors Music and Psychology
English Teaching Assistant- Spain, 2016-17

Lindsey Hobson
Degree Program: M.Ed Adult Learning and Development
China, 2014-15

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Mai-Kim Dang
Majors: Honors Film and Digital Media
Ethiopia, 2010-11


Jacklyn Fry
Majors: Honors Anthropology and Sociology
English Teaching Assistant - Korea, 2008-09

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Heidi Kosckar
Majors: Anthropology and Linguistics
Hungary, 2005-06

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Wendy Slone
Major: Urban Studies
Norway, 1998-99

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Gayle Klimas
Major: International Relations
Lithuania, 1997-98

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Laurence Stifel
Philippines, 1959-60

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