Emergency Management

Emergency Procedure Guidelines

Emergencies can occur at any time without warning.  Experience has shown that a well thought out, coordinated response to emergency situations helps minimize personal injury and property damage and also reduce the confusion that arises during a critical incident.  Careful planning, with an emphasis on safety, can help Cleveland State University students, faculty, staff, and visitors navigate unforeseen emergency situations with the appropriate response to decrease loss and save lives.  When in doubt, always call 9-1-1.

The Emergency Procedures Handbook (EPH) is intended as a guide for the CSU campus community.  It contains comprehensive emergency response actions designed to minimize loss in the event of specific emergency situations.  While this handbook provides detailed, recommended action steps, it is important that users keep in mind the unique quality of each critical event and remember that emergency procedures can and should be implemented on a scalable, flexible, and adaptable basis to align with the specific challenges presented by the situation at hand.  This EPH is an integrated component of a comprehensive preparedness and response system that will ensure unity of efforts and help CSU protect the health and safety of the campus community and its resources. 

View the full document here: Emergency Procedures Handbook (EPH)

Refer to the links below regarding specific emergency response procedures:

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Severe Weather

Shelter-in-place / Evacuation

Hazardous Materials