Office of Inclusion and Multicultural Engagement

Diversity Report

CSU Students

The 2019-2020 Diversity Action Plan builds on the Pursuing Inclusive Excellence document of 2016 with practical objectives designed to impact diversity at CSU and move the ball forward in our region leading up to CSU’s 60th Anniversary in 2024. The university is committed to creating a climate that acknowledges, respects and values all aspects of diversity. To that end, inclusive excellence and engaged diverse learning are guiding principles of all our work at CSU.

Engaged Diverse Learning: CSU provides students opportunities and learning experiences within and outside the classroom that broaden their perspectives beyond their personal experiences.

Inclusive Excellence: A campus environment that uses the talents, abilities and perspectives of every member of the CSU community to empower our students and improve our community.

Diversity Statement: CSU celebrates diverse backgrounds, cultures, experiences and thought that embody inclusive excellence for our students and the community.

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