Conference Services

Posting Procedure Guidelines

This policy is intended to cover the general use bulletin boards on the Cleveland State University [CSU] campus.  CSU Departmental bulletin boards are not to be included under this policy. 

Postings on each board are to be cleared when literature is out of date or posted without approval.  Literature posted on any location other than approved bulletin boards shall be removed without exception.   

Approval of a sign/poster by the University does not constitute University endorsement or approval of the organization/event. 

1. Conference Services must stamp posting literature from all internal, external, and student organizations.  The literature will be removed if an original stamp approval does not appear on it. 

2. Only one piece of literature from each approved event will be posted per bulletin board. 

3. Any literature posted on surfaces other than designated bulletin boards will be removed without exception.

4. Conference Services will only hang a maximum of two departmental postings at a time. 

5. All literature will be taken down and disposed of immediately following the expiration date stamped on the literature. 

6. Posters cannot be larger than 19” x 24”

7. The Physical Plant Department must approve temporary freestanding outdoor displays. 

8. Conference Services will not be held responsible for damages to postings while removing material that is out of date, over-sized, or incorrectly posted. 

9. Costs to repair any damage due to improperly posted materials will become the responsibility of the organization listed on the literature.

10. Credit card promotional materials may not be posted. 

11. Promotional material endorsing a particular candidate or issue may not be posted.

12. University organizations will lose posting privileges for improperly posted materials.  The organization will be responsible for incurred costs if additional labor is required for removal of postings. 

Please provide 30 copies of literature you would like posted on campus bulletin boards to the Information Desk on the first floor of the Student Center.  Student Printing and Copying resource info can be found here

Posters will be displayed at these locations:
Fenn Tower & Euclid Commons:
Two copies for Fenn Tower
Eight copies for Euclid Commons
Science Building
SI 238
Third floor Elevator
Main Classroom
First Floor      Third Floor
MC 147     MC 303
MC 123     MC 307B
       NW Corner next to MC 314
Second Floor     Fourth Floor      North Elevators    MC 409
MC 204 Staircase “A”     MC 434
Between MC 212 & 213 near Staircase “B”  MC 423
Outside of MC 226-228 Bridge    
MC 223
MC 252
MC 231
Rhodes Tower
Urban Bldg
UR 212
Business Bldg                                                                                                                                                               BU 312/314
The following DO NOT have public use bulletin boards and literature will not be posted:

o College of Law Building
o Music Communication Building
o Center for Innovation in Medical Professions
o Julka Hall College of Education
o Fenn Hall  College of Engineering

EMAIL proposed content and request details to: