Conference & Event Services

Event Classifications


There are three Event Classifications when requesting use of CSU facilities:

INTERNAL: Defined as current student, staff, faculty, or internal CSU organization requesting event space on campus. Internal University Organizations  utilizing facilities for standard, daily operations are not responsible for facility rental costs as defined by CSU. They are responsible for all associated Direct Costs as defined.

PARTNERSHIP: Defined as the program being related to the University mission of teaching, research, and service.The majority of the attendees must be current CSU students, staff, or faculty. Partnership events are responsible for 50% of the current CSU facility costs. If an admission or registration fee is charged for the program, then 100% of the current CSU facility costs shall be paid. University organizations that participate in a program with an external organization will be held responsible for any fiscal liabilities incurred by the University in connection with the program. They are responsible for all associated Direct Costs as defined.

RENTAL: Requests from external organizations must be made to Conference Services, which administers University facility policies, rules, and regulations. The privilege of using facilities by an external organization may be granted only when a CSU Facilities Use and Service Contract have been properly executed between the external organization and Conference Services. The ultimate responsibility for the event, and for all liability for any personal injury or property damage resulting from the event, rests with the external organization. They are responsible for all facility costs and all associated Direct Costs as defined.


DIRECT COSTS: Defined as all fees associated with having a program in University facilities, except for the actual facility rental rates. Direct expenses include, but are not limited to, costs incurred as a result of occupancy beyond regular business hours, audio-visual requirements, housekeeping, personnel required to service the event, special equipment, police, parking, and technical support.

FRONTING: Defined as eligible University department or student organizations reserving space for another individual or organization. Non-disclosure of the actual client to obtain use of facilities or discounted facility rates is not permitted. Professional or external organizations are not eligible for University departmental or student organization facility rates. They are considered to be "Partnership" and will be assessed the appropriate "Partnership" facility rates. Organizations caught fronting an external organization will be responsible for the full facility rate and possibly subjected to the loss of reserving facilities for future events. Fronting will be determined by Conference Services by considering the event details and the CSU affiliation of the attendees.