What is Care Management?

Mission Statement: The goal of the Care Manager is to provide holistic support to members of the CSU community, to connect students with resources on and off-campus, and to increase collaboration between campus partners.

What to Expect: The Care Manager provides support and case management services for members of the CSU Community. The Care Manager works with students to develop an action plan to address their individual needs. The Care Manager can help navigate policies and procedures on campus, connect with support systems, and determine what resources might be most helpful.

Meeting with the Care Manager may be useful if:

  • You want to know more about support services offered at the university.
  • You would like information on how to connect with medical and mental healthcare providers.
  • You would to withdraw from your classes for personal or medical reasons, and want more information on your options.
  • You’re feeling stressed about school.
  • Your life outside of the classroom has become more difficult to manage.
  • You’re feeling overwhelmed and want to find help, but you’re not sure where to start.

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