Academic Programs

Facts & Figures

Undergraduate Studies and Academic Programs is here to help students achieve academic success at Cleveland State University. We are comprised of several units that are responsible for coordinating undergraduate student activities and programming inside and outside of the classroom. Listed below are highlights from each of our areas:

(Alphabetical Order)

College Credit Plus (CCP)
  • The CSU College Credit Plus (CCP) Program enrolls high school students both at main campus and on-site at various high schools 
  • The CCP Program Coordinator, Tonisha Glover, enjoys the opportunity to work with high school students, especially those who attend her alma mater John Hay!
Exploratory Advising
  • The Exploratory Advising Office assists who are searching for an appropriate major or are working to meet the requirements of their chosen major
  • Exploratory advisors use a variety of resources and assessment to help students make the best decision about their academic major
First Year Advising
  • First Year Advising has been in existence at CSU since Fall semester 2012!
  • The First Year Advising Office advises and supports the majority of incoming freshman students, from all colleges and majors, who have earned less than 24 credit hours from all colleges and majors
  • Each of the First Year Advising staff has a different undergraduate degree!
First Year Experience
  • Over a 1,100 first-year students attended a First Year Experience a sponsored program in the Fall 2018 semester
  • Our FYE Peer Mentors coordinated 150 out-of-class experiences for our first-year students to help them connect to CSU and the city of Cleveland in the Fall 2018 semester. 
Student Success Programs
  • Nearly 100,000 appointments are scheduled by undergraduate students within Starfish annually. 
  • More than 2,000 students used MyMajors in the first year of being released.
Tutoring and Academic Success Center (TASC)
  • Course pass rates were observed to be 6% higher for those who sought tutoring vs. those who did not in courses where tutoring was offered.
  • Success Coaching sessions increased in number by 61% when compared to AY 2016-17.
  • Supplemental Instruction (SI) supported 54 different BIO, CHM, PHY, and PSY courses.
  • Structured Learning Assistance (SLA) supported 40 English 101 sections.