Hardware and Software

Ordering Pads or Tablets

IS&T sells and supports a tablet from HP.  See the section on Ordering Computers/Laptops.  Review the instructions and price list and place your order for an HP Tablet accordingly. 

IS&T is not involved in the ordering process of pads and tablet computers from vendors other than HP.  We only order PC’s and Laptops from the University PC Procurement program. 

To purchase a Pad or Tablet from another vendor you can visit the following links to browse, configure and make your purchase:

To purchase any Apple product you can do one of two things:

a.   Call the Apple Institutional Procurement department at 1.800.800.2775 and process your order through them.

b.   Log onto the ecommerce site at the Apple Store for education by visiting http://store.apple.com/us_edu_200391

 Note: You will have to register for an Apple ID to purchase from the educational discount page.

In all cases you can use a Purchase Order number, SOF or Pcard depending on the price.

IS&T recommends purchasing the 3 Year Apple Care protection plan or the warranty plans offered by Dell and HP.

IS&T is not involved in this purchase nor subsequent maintenance; it is made between you and the vendor of choice.

We will only support Apple desktops and laptops for basic debugging and virus remediation.