Hardware and Software

Hardware and Software

Using the links at the left which will expand when you click on one of the main titles, you can see details on how IS&T provides support and services for both hardware and software purchases.

You will see how IS&T provides hardware purchasing, pre-installation and installation services through the CSU PC Procurement Program. (Ordering Computers/Laptops)

There are instructions for those who would rather order a Tablet, Pad or any small form factor device.  No variance or special permission is required to order a Tablet or Pad computer.  (Ordering Pads or Tablets)

IS&T has several buying programs designed for personal purchase for faculty, staff and students.  These programs offer discounted pricing.  (Personal PC Purchases).

Should you need extra parts or accessories for your computer (memory, hard drive, blu ray player, new keyboard, etc.) you will find links to vendors that provide many PC and Laptop accessories.  (Ordering Computer Parts and Accessories). 

If the PC's and Laptop's don't fit your technical needs, you can request a variance to purchase another brand of computer.  Complete the "fill in the blank" form and submit it for processing.  You will be notified of the decision and if approved, the Purchasing Office will be given a copy of your variance for their records.  (Request a Variance for a Special Purpose).

Finally, our University Procedure that governs our PC purchasing is listed for your review.  (Hardware Procurement Procedure).