Office of Admissions

CCP Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a mandatory orientation program for CCP students?

Yes. In order to help you learn about CSU CCP, state law, and student responsibilities, ALL CSU CCP STUDENTS earning CSU credit on CSU's campus-MUST attend ONE orientation. This orientation program will provide vital information about CSU; tips for student success; CCP, including deadlines, expectations, tutoring services, and career services; and procedures, including how to obtain a student ID, register for classes, and obtain and return textbooks. The orientation will also include an optional campus tour. You will be notified by mail concerning the dates and times of orientation. You will RSVP for an orientation, attend orientation, and then register for classes with the CCP advisor. (You will not register for classes the same day as orientation.)

Once I am accepted into Cleveland State University's College Credit Plus program, is there an academic advisor at Cleveland State University (CSU) who will provide guidance and assistance in course selection, registration and campus questions?

Yes. All CSU CCP students are provided with an advisor, who you meet at orientation. Your advisor will provide guidance for course selection and conduct your registration for classes. You will register for classes after you attend CCP orientation. The CCP Office is located in Main Classroom 210. Following CCP orientation, you will call 216-687-9376 to make an appointment.

After I am accepted to CSU CCP, is there anything I need to do before I schedule classes with the CCP advisor?

Yes. All accepted CCP students will need to consider the following instructions:

  1. Attend a CCP orientation. (All CSU CCP students)
  2. Once you receive a letter from CSU with your Viking ID number on it, please call 216-687-5050 to get your CampusNet Password. (All CSU CCP students)
  3. Log on to CampusNet, using your Viking ID number and your CampusNet password. (All CSU CCP students. You will need to know how to do this to order transcripts for the colleges to which you apply.)
  4. Take the math placement test(This is only for students who plan on taking math on Cleveland State’s campus who do not have an ACT math score of 22 or SAT math of 520. If you do have these scores or higher on one of these math tests, or you would like to take calculus at CSU, you MUST TAKE the math placement test. If you have taken the AP Calculus test and earned a 3 or higher, you don’t have to take the math placement test.) You must call 216-687-2566 in order to get your math placement password, and then you can take the test.

If I attend a non-public school, am I eligible to participate in CCP?

Yes. The state allocates funds to support non-public school student participation in CCP. Non-public high school students must inform their high school of their intent to participate in CCP before March 30th of the year they are interested in participating in the program. Students will need to complete additional paperwork to request funding from the State of Ohio. The form will then need to be completed and sent to the CCP advisor for final approval. The form is then mailed to the state. Please note that the form and state rules may change at any time.

**Please see your Guidance Counselor for more information

If I enroll in Option B of the CCP Program, what is the process concerning textbooks?

Once you are enrolled in classes, you will go to the CSU Bookstore to gather required books. CCP students must wait until one week before classes start before buying books. Students enrolled in Option B of the program will have all required textbooks paid for by the Ohio Department of Education. These textbooks must be returned to the CSU Bookstore at the end of each semester. Permission to continue taking classes depends on the return of textbooks. CCP does not pay for calculators, computer software, or art supplies.

Can I attend classes during the summer session under CCP Options A or B?

If you attend a year-round school, you may take CSU courses through CCP over the summer.  All other students may take classes under Option A; students are responsible for all tuition, fee, and book costs.  

As a CCP student, am I eligible to participate in extracurricular activities or organizations?

Generally, no. Students participating in CCP may not participate in University-sponsored athletics or social organizations like sororities or fraternities. If a student wishes to participate in an extracurricular activity pertaining to class or for volunteer purposes, they should seek guidance from their CCP advisor, who can help them evaluate activities on a case-by-case basis.

As a CCP student, am I eligible to utilize CSU's Recreation Center?

Yes. Students taking 1more credit are able to use the facility free of charge.

Is there a minimum GPA I must maintain to remain in CCP?

Yes. You must maintain a 2.0 cumulative GPA to maintain your CCP eligibility. Students whose GPA's fall below the 2.0 cumulative GPA are dismissed from CCP without probation.

Are all classes offered at Cleveland State University available to high school students in CCP?

No. Similar to incoming freshman, some courses, English and mathematics specifically, require placement exams to determine the course-level appropriate for the student's ability. Spanish and French placement tests can be taken at the Placement Testing Office. For other foreign language placement information, call 216-687-4646. Many upper-level courses require prerequisites to be completed before a student is able to enroll in the class. Courses of 300-level and higher are available to college students of sophomore standing (30 credits), so CCP students may take 100-299 level courses. Courses are open on a space-available basis.

Can the general public view the courses CSU offers during a given semester?

Yes. The Class Schedule can be found on CampusNet.

Are there any classes that CCP students can take off-campus through Cleveland State?

Yes. Classes are offered at Cleveland State University's West Center Extended Campus located at 26202 Detroit Road, Westlake. These classes can also be viewed from the link referenced above. Class availability is limited.

Is there a penalty involved if I fail or withdraw from a Cleveland State course taken as a CCP student?

Students enrolled in college courses under Option B will have tuition, fees and textbooks paid for by the Ohio Department of Education from school district funds. School districts have the option, through formal board action, to require that the student, parent or guardian pay for the tuition of any failed or uncompleted course for reasons other than those generally accepted by the district.

Are the grades I receive as a CCP student part of my permanent college record?

Yes. As a CCP student, you will be establishing a permanent college transcript. The grades that you earn in the program are very important. You will be required to submit a copy of this transcript to any college or university to which you apply in the future. It is extremely important to balance your Cleveland State schedule with your high school, work and family obligations. It is advised that you try to avoid over-extending yourself at the expense of your grades.

Once I am accepted to CCP, do I need to re-apply each year?

Not really. You need to fill out another application form and submit an updated high school transcript each year you continue as a CCP student at CSU. As long as your cumulative G.P.A. is above a 2.0, you are invited to continue in the College Credit Plus.

If I plan to attend Cleveland State University after I complete high school, how do I apply?

You will simply complete an undergraduate admission application. The application is available on-line.