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The following questionnaire comes from the book

Artwork of the Mind:
An Interdisciplinary Description of Insight
and the Search for It in Student Writing

by Mary M. Murray
Cresskill, NJ: Hampton Press, 1995

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What is this about?

Testing in English for centuries has been about counting grammatical mistakes. We can count how many semi-colons are out of place or see if you know your spelling rules, but what we don't know is whether you learned something from your writing assignment. That's what this questionnaire is about.

It's based on research from a variety of disciplines that point toward the whole person's experience of learning--so you will see questions that ask you whether you were involved with your writing or not. Learning in this questionnaire isn't only cognitive--it's considered a whole-personed activity. By asking about your learning experience, I'm hoping to study the different situations we all encounter in college to identify which situations and assignments produce the best learning experiences. I'm interested not only in your questionnaire score, but also in your own comments.

Thanks very much for your participation.

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