The Writing Center

Online Writing Assistance


The Writing Center staff is glad to provide help online during this Fall 2020 semester.  Please make sure to follow the instructions carefully.  We want to deliver the best service we can, and we need the information below to do so.  Undergraduates are welcome to use Starfish to schedule a tutorial on a specific day and time.  This Fall 2020 semester, our hours are Monday - Thursday 9:30-7 p.m. and Friday 9:30-4 p.m. 

Copy/Paste the Information Below to Us at Our Gmail Address Above: 

Your Name __________________________________

Your CSU ID _________________________________

Undergraduate or Graduate Student? _________

Your Assignment ____________________________

Your Rubric (if you have one) ________________

Native Speaker or No?  ______________________

APA 6th or 7th Edition? If not APA, which style sheet (MLA, Chicago, other)?  _____________________

Be sure you send a Word file  (no others please):  every CSU student can download Office 365 for FREE using this link that explains how to do so:  How to Get Office 365 (that contains Word 2016)

What day do you need your paper back? ________

What help are you looking for? _______________


If you want to talk through your assignment, you can ask for a Zoom tutorial--just remember that we will be *listening* to you and not working on your draft.  If so, tell us the best days and times ________________________

  1. You should receive feedback that day or between 1-2 business days. If you do not receive feedback from us within 1-2 days, please contact the Writing Center at 216-687-6981.
  2. The Writing Center also offers online workshops and handouts--please see the left column above.
  3. The last day to submit papers for Fall 2020 semester is Wednesday, December 2.
  4. Students are limited to 2 submissions a week and 1 submission per email.
  5. Students with a thesis or dissertation are encouraged to set up multiple appointments so tutors can read their work in one session and comment on it in another one.  Graduate students are also encouraged to contact the Writing Center to join a student writing group that will help them stay on time with their writing projects (this group is online).