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Blackboard Help- How to use Turn It In

Instructors should use Blackboard to use Turnitin.  Each course has a Blackboard shell, so instructors should be able to log in to Blackboard.  To use Turnitin in Blackboard, click on Assessments; the Turnitin assignment option is the 3rd item from the bottom of the drop-down box; name the assignment and set a few dates (you can also click Optional Settings so as to allow students to "overwrite" and have the service "exclude bibliography" and "exclude quoted material").  Once you complete these steps, then you and students will be able to see the Originality Report under the Grade Center.  If you would like any help reviewing the Originality Report, please contact the Director at or call 216-687-6982.

How Students Can Use the ETS e-Rater Turnitin--A Task Analysis:

  1. Locate within this module the Turnitin icon (paper with red circle with arrow on one end)
  2. Click View/Complete
  3. See fields w/ Author, Name etc.
  4. Complete fields as/if needed
  5. Look to lower area of screen and click a file from your computer, Dropbox, or Google Drive
  6. Select the file from the list of files
  7. Click on the selected file then click on the blue “open button” (If you click on the wrong file, click on “clear file” button and repeat the select file process)
  8. Click on the blue “upload button”
  9. Locate your document and check to ensure that it is the desired document (i.e., not a draft, etc.)
  10. See confirmation screen and then click on “confirm” button to proceed
  11. See a congratulations message to confirm completion of upload - at the bottom of this screen select “Go to Assignment Inbox”
  12. Click on Document Title and review the ETS e-rater grammar report as well as the Originality Report for plagiarism
  13. To check the ETS e-rater grammar report click on the purple ETS button on the right side of screen to review grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. 
  14. Click on red icons on the right side of the screen in order to review the Originality Report (the number is the percentage of content found in other documents in Turnitin’s repository that is  being flagged as plagiarism - - you want this percentage to be no greater than 20 with lower than 15 as ideal (Turnitin will flag citations and direct quotes regardless of citations, which is why a 15-20% match can be acceptable)


NOTE: Use this Task Analysis multiple times as this will help you to submit a paper of the highest quality. Think of this as an iterative process. In essence, upload via Turnitin many times and benefit accordingly.