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Workshops- ONLINE!

You can complete the 3 workshops online at the following links. (Note: you might have to install a plug-in to watch these - it takes 5 seconds to do so.) 

Homework is embedded into the lectures-when you have completed the homework for each lecture, bring it to the Writing Center and have a tutor record your completion. Please feel free to start scheduling individual tutorials when you drop off your homework: you can schedule ONLINE in STARFISH.    

In order to get credit for taking these workshops, please complete them by the Friday of midterm.  They are designed to help you early in the semester, so you are welcome to complete them after midterm, but they will not count toward your grade.

MBTI Workshop

What Is Plagiarism? Workshop

Basic Grammar Skills Workshop



First-Year Assignments Explained

If you are wondering why you need to write an academic summary, rhetorical analysis, an argument, these short videos are for you: 

An Academic Summary

Rhetorical Analysis     

Your Research Process

Informative or Explanatory Synthesis

Argumentative Synthesis


*Select any of the videos above.