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Placement Testing

You are required to take your placement tests prior to Orientation, unless you:

  • Have taken college-level English or math through a College Credit Plus program. Please make sure your final high school transcripts are sent to CSU, as soon as they become available. 
  • Have completed the Advanced Placement (AP) test. Please send your scores to CSU. If you will not have taken the AP test prior to Orientation, we require that you still complete the math placement test.
  • Have taken college-level English or math at your previous institution. Please make sure your transcripts are sent to CSU to receive credit from your previous courses.

*Please bring unofficial copies of your transcript(s), showing your completed math and/or English requirement to orientation if your official copy has not yet been sent to or received by CSU. 


Math placement is required of all new students prior to attending orientation. 

Sign in to CampusNet, visit your Applicant Tab, and click on “Placement” for further instructions. We recommend for you to take the practice test first.

Math placement will help your Academic Advisor determine the most appropriate math course for you to take your first two semesters.

If you do not have access to a computer or high speed internet, please contact the Placement Testing Office to take the test at Cleveland State prior to Orientation. Please call the Placement Testing office at 216.687.2566 for available hours.

If you have taken math as a College Credit Plus student from a university other than CSU, please have a copy of your college transcript sent to Cleveland State University.

If you experience any technical problems while you are taking the test, please call the Placement Testing Office at 216.687.2566 or email


All students are placed into an English course based upon ACT/SAT verbal scores. To determine the level of English you will take, log on to CampusNet and click on the Applicant tab. Because students are placed based on ACT/ SAT scores, students will not take the English placement test on the day of Orientation.

English Placement from ACT (SAT) Verbal Scores:
1 – 19 (1-26 SAT) – English 100
20 – 25 (27-32 SAT) – English 101
26 (33 SAT) and higher – English 102

If you did not take the ACT/ SAT test or if you would like to place into a higher level of English, we recommend that you take the English placement test prior to attending Orientation. The English placement test is a two-hour writing sample offered in the Placement Testing Office. We strongly encourage you to read a sample essay offered on the Placement Testing website prior to taking the exam.

Placement Testing Office
Rhodes West (RW), Room 215