Safe Campus

Academic Mission

As we finalize plans for our return to campus we encourage you to check back here for the latest updates

CSU’s hybrid approach for 2020 Fall Semester will combine remote teaching and learning together with on-campus classes that can be delivered with social distancing and other safety measures in place. Details of which courses will be on campus and which will be remote are being finalized and will be communicated to the campus community in the coming weeks.

These are the priority areas for courses to be held on campus:

  • Over 300 classes for degree or licensure requirements, or otherwise not amenable to remote delivery​​​​​​​
  • Around 450 first-year classes, including Introduction to University Life ASC101 and other first year core courses such as English, Mathematics, and labs in sciences
  • Over 500 classes that faculty and academic leadership believe should be delivered in person for best learning outcomes
  • Our fall schedule will allow for remote learning options for most on-campus classes to provide students flexibility based upon personal health factors and other restrictions.

We will be working very closely with faculty and the academic leadership team in the coming weeks on details of staffing on-campus courses and phased return of faculty and staff to campus to prepare on-campus instruction to ensure the best experience for our students, taking into account space, scheduling, pedagogical, and health concerns. To maintain proper social distancing, most on-campus classes will have fewer than 30 students in attendance in each class section.

Fall semester will start on schedule August 22 and the last day of finals will be December 12.

  • We are planning for a full semester with both in-person, on-campus instruction, and remote teaching and learning through December 4.
  • Final exams will be taken as scheduled December 7-12.
  • Commencement will take place on December 13.
  • We will continue to track the course of the pandemic and make adjustments accordingly.

We will share more detailed information on courses for 2020 Fall Semester in the coming weeks.

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