Office of Performance Management

Central Garage Requirements

Parking Strategic Partnership  -  Discussion on the Central Garage related to the potential agreement.  The items below reference the discussion that took place on October 16th, 2017 with the Stakeholder Committee.

General:  In exchange for an upfront payment, the Operator shall be given exclusive rights to operate, maintain and upgrade the CSU Parking System for a period of 50 years in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in the Project Agreement.


  • The Central Garage was constructed in 1979
  • There are approximately 862 parking spaces
  • Central Garage is bound by East 21st Street, East 19th Street, Chester Avenue, and the Music/Communications Building
  • The garage has 770 spaces for permits, 64 spaces for daily customers, 24 handicap spaces, and 4 reserved spaces
  • The facility is nearing the end of life and the University it interested in replacing the structure
  • The estimated construction cost for a similar facility exceed $20,000,000, not including financing costs and other obligations
  • Parking as an Auxiliary Service will need to fund the project without University or State support
  • The agreement will require the consortium to be the responsible party for the demolition of the Central Garage and the construction of a replacement facility


discussion FEEDBACK - questions to consider for developing the rfp
  • What is the timing of the construction and will we "lose" the spaces during the construction?
  • Related to the Master Plan, will the Central Garage replacement be in the same location?
  • Who controls the design and standards of the construction process?
  • Will the replacement facility be "green friendly" facility?  Will there be sustainability efforts in the design?
  • Will the replacement facility be larger than the current Central Garage?
  • Who is responsible for making sure the Central Garage remains safe while it is still operational?
  • Will the rates be more expensive since this is a newly constructed facility?
  • Will the procedures for parking change?  Will I still use my Viking ID to get in and out?