Office of Performance Management

Stakeholder Committee

The stakeholder committee was created by the CSU President to provide support and advice to the Parking Working Group, while also contributing insights on the needs and concerns of CSU’s key stakeholders for the development of the draft RFP that was released on December 11, 2017.  Participating members included:

i. Faculty Senate Representative Andy Resnick
ii. Faculty Senate Representative Jacqueline Jenkins
iii. At-Large Faculty Representative Brian Ray
iv. College Dean Representative Sajit Zachariah
v. Student Government Representative Nadet Najjar
vi. At-Large Student Representative Marty DiMichele
vii. Graduate/Law Student Representative Mihir Hareshkumar Shah
viii. International Student Representative Tejaswini Dilip Kadam
ix. EADC Representative Kathleen Murphy
x. Community Member Representative Bobbi Reichtell
xi. Community Member Liaison Maurice Stinnett
xii. MASA Representative Kathleen Mooney
xiv. Labor Relations Liaison Danielle Ruiz
xv. Provost Representative Marius Bobec
xvi. University Communications Representative Will Dube
xvii. SEIU Representative Jeff Grigsby
xviii. Project Administrator Ben Rogers