Office of Performance Management

Schedule of Meetings

The University understands the complexity of this project and how it may impact the campus population.  As the University values the voice and input of those that utilize the parking system, below is a list of meetings that took place to ensure that all aspects are considered. 

In addition to these group meetings, the University will be hosted two public town hall meetings on October 19 and November 16, 2017.

Provost Council

September 13

University Fiscal Officers Committee September 13
EADC Board of Trustees

September 14

Faculty Steering Committee September 27
Provost Council September 27
FAST Senior Leadership Team September 28
CSU Board of Trustees September 29
Parking Review Board October 3
EADC Board of  Trustees October 3
Faculty Senate October 4
Office of the University Architect October 4
Department of Facilities Management October 4
Student Government Association October 6
Planning & Budget Advisory Committee October 9
Student Affairs Council October 10
Campus Support Services Directors Meeting October 10
Residential Life Open House October 12
Commuter Corner Open House October 12
ICMA -  CSU Student Chapter October 16
Graduate Council October 18
Management & Administrative Staff Association October 18
PUBLIC TOWN HALL #1 - Fenn Tower 303 @ 2:00pm
October 19
Campus Activities Board October 24
Parking Advisory Committee October 25
Speech & Hearing Clinic October 26
College of Engineering Faculty Meeting November 9
College of Business Faculty Meeting November 14
PUBLIC TOWN HALL #2 - Fenn Tower 102   @ 11:30Am